Post Registration Checklist

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teams:  MUSC provides reversible jerseys for all players.

1st Grade Teams:  All 1st Grade Teams will purchase new Nike jerseys and shorts ($30 per player).

2nd Grade and Older Teams:  For teams 2nd Grade and older, if your current MUSC team uniform is complete, your team can wear it again.  For all new and returning MUSC rec teams, new Nike jerseys and shorts shall be purchased through MUSC ($30 per player).Please submit your uniform orders HERE. We take care of the rest!Please collect payment from your team. Uniforms will be available for pickup at our office after payment is received.  They can be picked up between August 16th – August 23rd.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot place your Nike order by the July XX (?) deadline, MUSC will have Nike uniforms available for purchase after the team formation process has concluded.

Questions? Email

Equipment: -new coaches may pick up equipment from the office beginning August 3.  Each team (U4 and older) will receive practice and game balls, ball pump, ball bag, cones, whistle. Plus goalie jersey and gloves (3rd grade & up)

After Registration, what do I need to do to get ready for the season?

  1. Pick up any needed equipment from the office.
  2. Order uniforms. Our U7 and older teams will now be wearing Nike Uniforms!
  3. Check seedings on the Coaches Page when they are posted.
  4. Communicate with your team. Let them know the game schedule and how early they should be at the game field.
  5. Check your online roster to be sure that you have contacted everyone listed.
  6. Sign up for a practice time. Practice sign up will be emailed out to coaches or will be available on the Coaches Page.
  7. Check the field maps on the Coaches Page to see where your game field is located.
  8. Let your team know when/where you will practice.
  9. Once your roster is finalized, follow the instructions on the Coaches Page to print your roster from the website. A laminate will be provided in your Coaches Packet. Your roster must be laminated and presented to ref at each game.
  10. Familiarize yourself with the rules that are available on the Coaches Page.
  11. Sign up for Photo Day.
  12. Have fun!!!